Once an Operators Licence has been granted, the Operator and the Transport Manager are responsible for the safe and compliant running of their goods vehicles. The DVSA have the power to enter any premises named on an operator’s licence and inspect all large goods vehicles and all the management systems that the operator has in place.

RE Consultancy & Training Ltd can provide a compliance audit which is strictly confidential and will demonstrate your level of compliance against current Traffic Commissioner requirements.

During an inspection, the DVSA expect to see established management systems, including:

  • Initial and refresher training for drivers on drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations.
  • Checking of tachograph data to ensure compliance with drivers’ hour's regulations.
  • Appropriate storage of all driving and working time records.
  • Driver disciplinary systems.
  • Periodic driving licence checks.
  • Driver defect reporting.
  • Consistent inspection and maintenance timetables.
  • Monitoring of MOTs, vehicle tax and tachograph inspection and calibration certificates

Our Services:

We offer an operator’s licence compliance audit based on the same criteria that the DVSA use to evaluate an operator.

After our visit, we prepare a report detailing all of the management systems the operator has in place. The report advises whether the current systems are up to the required standard or whether they need improving. The report also outlines any systems that are currently missing, and our recommendation for how to implement them.

Wider Services:

We also offer a range of other training services, these include Transport Manager refresher course and Operator Licence Awareness training (OLAT).

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