MiriamI have worked as an Environmental Legal Adviser since 2006, mainly in the metals and waste recycling industry and with heavy industry.

In my role as an Environmental Legal Adviser the aims and objectives are to work with and assist the client to develop, implement and monitor environmental strategies, policies and programmes that promote sustainable development.

I examine company activities to establish where improvements can be made and ensure compliance with environmental legislation across the organisation, and liaising with the Environment Agency and other regulatory bodies where necessary to achieve these aims.

I also review company’s environmental remits by reviewing the whole operation, carrying out environmental audits and assessments, identifying and resolving environmental problems to ensure necessary changes are implemented.

Assisting the company workforce to recognise and understand their own contributions to improve environmental performance.

Leading the implementation of environmental policies and practices.

Ensuring compliance with  environmental legislation and keeping up-to-date with UK, EU regulation and legislation.

Liaising with relevant bodies such as local authorities and public bodies.

Auditing, analysing and reporting environmental performance to internal and external clients and regulatory bodies.

Implementing and Installing ISO 14001

Investigating and acquiring grant funding where possible and applicable.