The iosh managing safely course has a 4 day duration and looks at risk assessment & method statements in some detail. Using superb quality animated graphics we give a sophisticated but fun presentation, and also utilise board games, DVDs, quizzes and a spot the hazard presentation with workbook related information.

Candidates learn how to manage health and safety on-site and conform with current legal requirements in relation to their managerial role.

  •     Gain an understanding of their responsibilities and legal accountability with regards to site health and safety and employee welfare
  •     Understand that site safety can have an impact on a companies efficiency, productivity and finances
  •     Office Safety
  •     Factory Safety
  •     Warehouse Safety

The candidates have to pass the two exam's to achieve the iosh managing safely accreditation, a 100 point written test with questions and multiple choice, and a risk assessment project with a two week time scale.
Who should go on iosh Managing safely?

The iosh managing safely course is aimed at managers and those in supervisory role regardless of which sector you work in Suitable for all organisations, It's intended to bring Managers and supervisors up to pace on the practical application of health and safety in their place of work.
What will they get out of it?

What they need to know and are perhaps reluctant to learn about in a refreshingly informal way.
How will this benefit their company?

HSE recognised and approved certification for persons involved in manegerial roles. Training of an exceptionally high standard that has been created and accredited by the institute of occupational safety and health. Training tailored around your schedule, we can deliver the training over four or five days, in a manner that minimises any disruption to your productivity. Two fundamental areas are covered in one course, health and safety, and environmental legislation.

1. Managing safely, an introduction
Some managers look at health and safety as an additional task which is superfluous to their role. The opening module of this course clarifies the fact that managers are legally accountable for the safety of their teams, this creates a strong case for the effective management of health and safety.

2. Assessing risks
This section explains and clarifies risk, and the process of risk assessment. Risk assessments are introduced and a basic but effective scoring system for the assessment of risk is taught, delegates will then carry out a practical risk assessment exercise.

3. How to Control risk
This part of the course is focused on how we can reduce risks, candidates will learn effective techniques for controling risks, and how to identify the most effective method.

4. Knowing your responsibilities
This section looks at the requirements placed on management by the law, and the manner in which our legal system works, it also introduces a system for the effective management of health and safety.

5. Hazard identification
All the main health and safety issues that any business has to consider are detailed in this section, access and egress, on site traffic control, fire safety, control of substances hazardous to health, electrical safety requirements, abuse (physical and verbal), occupational stress, slips trips and falls, importance of good housekeeping, noise pollution, working at height, manual handling (safe lifting and handling techniques).

6. Accidents and incident investigation
The session begins with detailing why accidents need to be investigated, and then goes on to look at why accidents occur, and how to effectively investigate an incident or accident.

7. Measuring safety performance
This part of the iosh managing safely course explains how monitoring the performance of your health and safety measures can help you to improve the safety of your workplace. Candidates learn how to implement simple performance indicators, and also the basics of proactive and reactive measuring and auditing.

8. Environment Protection
Starting with a brief but concise introduction to pollution and industrial waste, the iosh managing safely course then moves on to show how organisations and management can have an effect in the reduction of environmental impact. Case studies and memorable examples are used to convey the severity of this subject, and the effect that a poorly managaged business can have on the environment.

Delegates will be provided with an assortment of checklists and other reference materials to assist them in their health and safety management.

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We offer bespoke Health And Safety training for any level of management.

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